Ballet Examination at Natalya-Ballet-Studio

The rigors and intensity of ballet practices and performances have its beautiful reward in audience appreciation and skill development. However, one performance that is quite weighted and which demands the best demonstration of ability is a ballet examination. A ballet examination is most important in helping to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses to a degree that only professional and adept skills could.

Natalya Ballet Studio is well recognized for its dedication to the art of ballet and the high calibre ballet examinations that it offers. In conjunction with the Crimean University of Culture and Arts, we are able to provide ballet examinations that are university accredited and by one of the finest universities in the Ukraine.Tatiana Mikhaylova - The Ballet Examiner

Through this university collaboration, representatives from its prestigious arts faculty have and will be in attendance at Natalya Ballet Studio to hold the Classical Dance examination. For the past two years, our studio had the honor of having the most senior examiner from the department, Tatiana Mikhaylova in charge of these examinations.

The examination that was given by Tatiana Mikhaylova was without a doubt a tough one. However, our students performed optimally and were happy to receive their certificates from the Crimean University. During the initial examination two years ago, we had 90 students participate in the examination. The following year our numbers grew and it continues to grow.

Tatiana has an illustrious career as a dance professor for the past 35 years at the university. Therefore, the privilege of this extraordinary union of ballet examination with a Russian University offered right here in Ireland; is an accomplishment that our ballet studio is most proud.

 Tatiana Mikhaylova and Natalya Pakshyna