Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the Class?

My recommendation is to register directly from our website ( However, if for some reason you don’t feel comfortable registering through the web then as an exception you can register at your first day of joining the class by filling out a registration form.


What do I have to wear for the class?

Recommended to wear at least ballet shoes and any comfortable clothes. If you don’t have ballet shoes at the beginning then you can wear warm socks and later get ballet shoes.


Where do I get ballet shoes from?

You can buy in any dace apparel store of your convenience or you can buy directly from our studio. There will be no difference in price.


Do I need Ballet uniform?

It is recommended, but it is not mandatory. You can train in your comfortable clothes.


What colour should I buy Ballet Shoes and Uniform?

As we organise concerts and performances during the year I would recommend to buy all pink colour. But if you already have your own uniform and ballet shoes then it will make no difference, you are welcome to wear the colour you like.


Do I have to buy uniform for performances and concerts?

If you are going to participate in Ballet Performances or concerts then It is required that you buy your own uniform.


Do you provide Graded Examination in Ballet?

Natalya Ballet Studio is well recognized for its dedication to the art of ballet and the high calibre ballet examinations that it offers. In conjunction with the Crimean University of Culture and Arts, we are able to provide ballet examinations that are university accredited and by one of the finest universities in Russia.

Through this university collaboration, representatives from its prestigious arts faculty have and will be in attendance at Natalya Ballet Studio to hold the Classical Dance examination. For the past two years, our studio had the honour of having the most senior examiner from the department, Tatiana Mikhaylova in charge of these examinations.


Do I have to pay for ballet examination?

Yes. There are cost involved in order to provide examination. Thus, there is charge to enter the examination.

  • Adults   – €90
  • Children – €50


Is there a minimum age to join Natalya-Ballet-Studio classes?

Minimum age is 4 years old.


Is there a maximum age limit?

No, there is no maximum age limit. Any age is welcome.


How the Term is defined?

  • Term for children classes is 10 weeks long.

What is the term price?

  • Term for Children = €100/10 weeks
  • Term for Adults = €60/4 weeks


Do I pay per Term in advance or I can pay per drop in?

  • Children classes are paid in advance at the beginning of each Term.
  • Adults can pay per drop in.


I’ve danced before. What level should I join?

You will be assessed for your skills and then placed in a matching class.


In my area you provide classes only once a week. Can I join classes in your other areas?

Yes, you can. You are very welcome to join classes in other areas. I highly encourage you to do that in order to gain better experience in Ballet.


Do you do private classes?

Yes, it can be arranged.


What is the price for private classes?

Private classes = €90/hour


Should you have more questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly:



For further information please contact us at: 01-443 3559